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Artist: Michael McDermott (McPuffin)
Artist's Description
Hardcore poetry . Something for your darker side

Genre(s): Metal,General Metal,Progressive Metal
Mood(s): Aggressive,Angry,Anxious,Bitter,Complex,Dark,Determined,Disturbing,Dramatic,Dreamy,Eerie,Epic,Evil,Fast,Hate,Heavy,Haunting,Horror,Hypnotic,Industrial,Introspective,Mechanical,Mournful,Revenge,Sad,Scary,Strange,Tension
Style(s): Gothic/Classic Horror,Halloween,Horror/Thriller
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $10.00
Derivative-Use License: $20.00
Lest any movement
Turn to a scare
Little does the other side know
Of the barrier.
What transpires
Hère & there
From logic overseeking
Thoughts overthinking
Too much of a good thing
Ceases to be the very thing
Which initially brings
Joy enough to release screams
Into things singing.
Result is bliss
Resolving this
Thé problèms in
This kind of kick
Is opposites
Cross crossing in
À managé toi Mother & father twist.
Translation from poetry
Thé statement made which motives me
Is my admiration of an old motif
Folding me
Gold & green
Holding a mold of me
Thé way I'm supposed to be
Known to me
As well as the spirit which flows through me,
When I'm born
When I die
& before I sleep.

Some of us are blameless
Others shameless
But the ways that
We continue chasing
Practices ancient
Show an amazin'
Grounded aim with
Thé sight of the painless
Frame with,
Keep a groundation,
Foundation through this hurricane &
All face their own Judgement
On the day that
Their life transfers to the next incarnation,
Keeping close with compassion
Rearrange a path is madness
And good terms with all that
I could imagine
Though it's tragic having answers found without askin'
I will sow seeds of light
Throughout my time wrapped in
This damn skin,
It's the passion
Of a schizophrenic.


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