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Swamp Raven

Artist: Ada Ellison (Ada Monette Ellison)
Artist's Description
Confronting a shaman, then raven vision in a New Guinea jungle...Guitar-drum by Ol' Sparky (his public name).

Genre(s): Folk,Art-Folk,General Folk,Traditional Folk,Aboriginal Australian/Didjeridu
Mood(s): Dramatic,Energetic,Lively,Magical
Style(s): Action Adventure,Danger,Mystery
Language(s): English
Swamp RavenSingle-Use License: $125.00
Derivative-Use License: $175.00

In black bayou shaman make a gumbo
Speak swamp mumbo
From an ancient jungle

Shaman swing a knife there
Chop a lock off my hair

Down goes the recipe
What's it gonna do to me?

We're takin' off a hexin'
Feel my skull flexin'

Skin and bones are shiftin'
Something starts a'liftin'

I see a magic carpet
Through an indigo eye
I'm risin' from the bog
For a trip that money can't buy

On a magic carpet
I hear the north wind roar
We hurl through a tempest
Over the Plutonian shore

"Tell it to The Raven; I've got what you're cravin'
"You go for the gusto; I'm the power to make it grow
"I am The Raven; I know the heart of man
"I'm bold, I'm wise, I've ruled since creation began
"I am The Raven."

No! God's within me, there to befriend me
Upward my soul flight into the healing light
Love's a magic carpet, sent to raise us high
Through the crystal door of joy in an amethyst sky

"Listen to The Raven--satisfy your cravin'
"I've got the goods below, tell you all you want to know
"I am The Raven; I own all I gave
"I had nothing to lose--Now you got nothing to save
"I am The Raven."

Now is the hour I reach for higher power
Let go the dark handle on The Raven's candle

Light's a magic carpet--See how I fly
Soaring on the wings of peace, see me wavin' goodbye
I hear The Raven's echo shriekin' over the sky

"What you start with me, you will finish it
"Do or die!"
Quoth The Raven
Gone--The Raven!


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