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Pay me (freestyle verse)

Artist: Hu Sykes (Q-Heffna/2Deep)
Artist's Description
This is a single, "freestyle" verse that I wrote a few years back about talentless rappers and those who talk about things they'd be scared to experience but brag about nonetheless!

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,East Coast Rap,Freestyle Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive,Dark,Energetic,Hard
Style(s): Danger,Death,Dramatic Soundtrack,Nineties (1990s)
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $30.00
Derivative-Use License: $60.00
You'll never see me coming cuz you running when I ride though/
Hiding your eyes/ if I was you/I would hide too.
Not surprised/cuz even them bitch niggas try you/
but try Q and I'll/ leave you bloody like a Pi-ru.
Talking bout killing/but you can't murder a bar.
Shoot for the stars/while a nigga shoot up your car.
Fair warning/let a nigga catch you in the turning lane
roll the window down/ and/let them thangs burn again.
You shoulda known/you shoulda paid the money you owed.
The only thing that/still motivates a nigga is doe.
I'm the 8-6-0/but-I-stay in Pas-co
and I won't leave/ until a nigga sees his cash grow.
I be in them streets/ like cracks and grass grow
and stay slinging my shit/un-til the last go.
My name's gonna be known/just like the Lord's prayer
and I'll throw flares/so you can see the Lord's lair.
Double 4-5's if you wanna go there.
I ain't playing poker/ when I show those pair!
Leave niggas stiff/like frozen toes bare
and flee from the scene/ with/ holes in my foes hair.
It's what I said/I dare you niggas to reach
and they'll be shells on the ground/ like you at the beach!


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