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As goog as it gets

Artist: Sucoliah Hall (sucolah hall)
Artist's Description
A song about how love goes back and fourth,an everyday life and relationship true to the heart.

Genre(s): Country,Pop,General Country
Mood(s): Confident,Lively,Upbeat
Style(s): Cookery Music,Peace,Story
Language(s): English
I guess this is the time,that we put it to past
Cause if we hold on, it wont do nothing but last
It don’t mean that we are the ones who are weak
And if you are mad, it be good not to speak
There will be days when life seems so tough
And all the problems seems to keep adding up
There will be moments when we question our trust
But thru all the years I know it matters to us
Sometimes we do things, and we get upset
We play a with love like its Russian roulette
Chorus ]] female I wanna know wanna know what is
Is it as good as it gets

I know sometimes we don’t do nothing but fight
But as the day ends, it will be over by night
We live in a life where we cannot wait
Moving to fast, when time is too late
We have all this greed its matters to no one else
And we don’t help no one, unless its all for ourself
I remember the times its all how I felt
I remember the days leaving me wanting to sweat
We hold to things it seems to tear up our hearts
And others will come and try to break it apart
We all say things that we live to regret
And as we grow older we forgive and forget

I wanna know wanna know how love feels
Is it as good as it gets


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