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Carry on,without you

Artist: sucolah hall
Artist's Description
All me according to life

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, R-n-B, General Hip Hop, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Happy, Lively, Solid
Style(s): Bollywood, Motivational, Nightclub
Language(s): English

carry on,without you

By sucolah hall
you had me thinking that i cant live without you
you burned it in my head that
theres no me without you
every single day it seems a little too long
I keep holding on I got to struggle on
You said we forever love makes us bound
But You sturdy beat me down
when no ones around
You keep me feeling shame with
my head to the ground
You keep me tuned in to the same ole song
If I was made of glass I would break and cry
If I didn’t have my pride I would die inside
If it wasn’t for the words that the strong survive
Id be searching in the dark for a place to hide
With all of the pain that you cant undo
I still find it hard that you love me true
When all of the bad comes rushing thru
Makes me carry on,without you

it took a long time for me to realize
when red flags are up I’ve got to recognize
just because you love me then apologize
don’t mean it takes away all the watery eyes
You keep me running round like a doing a chase
At any giving moment I could lose my race
Every second count I got to hold my grace cause
youre a broken man with a mask on your face
you paint the picture of a happy home
youre two different people when were all alone
behind closed doors I got to fight to be strong
we the sun and moon you know we don’t belong
i know all your secrets I learn to hide it so well
you keep me with a fever got me under a spell
I remember all the times that I broke and fell
I swore on my life I would never tell
for all of vows that I took with you
every little memory just faded thru
for all of the promises that came untrue
it makes me carry on without you


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