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Masquerade Lounge

Artist: Marina Rancourt (Marina Rancourt)
Artist's Description
Envisioned with a low, seductive tone

Genre(s): Jazz,Soundtrack
Mood(s): Confident,Dramatic,Playful
Style(s): Burlesque
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $15.00
Derivative-Use License: $25.50
Come join me in the Masquerade.
It'll be so entrancing, we'll all go dancing.
Maybe I'll put something in the liquor glass
That'll have the men loosening their ties
As the girls flash their bedroom eyes.

Yes I'll be there. In the loneliest corner, in the loneliest chair.
With the perfect view, the best view of you.
I'll see you fumble to fix your hair.
I'll see you stumble into a chair.
The one right beside me, you can kiss my hand.
Then I'll steal your heart and flee to a foreign land.
I'll break it in two, lest you need it someday.

For that is the price you pay
When you join me in the Masquerade.


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