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Rock Your World

Artist's Description
This song is about a man containing so much sexual desire for a woman that he hasn't seen in weeks and it shows!

Genre(s): Pop, R-n-B, Club Dance, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Anxious, Confident, Dreamy, Epic, Fun, Upbeat
Style(s): Desire, Sex
Language(s): English
Digital Download:$1.50
Standard License:$65.00
Extended License:$300.00

Rock Your World

Rock Your World
Written By: Chad Steele

1st Verse: I dream of you like almost every night you got me mezmorized you got me thinkin' of you/

And i can't get you out my head girl i really need you in my bed cause i've been waitin'

the longest for you/ it's been 2 weeks i need you girl i'm tryin' to make your toes curl girl

and i am so impatient for you/ once we penetrate no stoppin' baby, you know how i like it baby,

you know i'm bout to drive you crazy.

Hook (2x): Let me feel all up inside of you girl/ Making sweet love while i rock your world.

Bridge: Girl you know that i want you so bad and it don't make no sense on how i be thinking you/

you inspire me and i'm feenin for your love.

Hook (2x): Let me feel all up inside of you girl/ making sweet love while i rock your world


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