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Artist: Alen Harb (Alkolol)
Artist's Description
Very long lyrics describing a journey through time, with many many (reasonable) ryhmes. It is an epic hiphop/rap story of a guy's uplift from the darkness, with help of friends and music. I am working on a song currently, will perhaps become a rap solo title.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Freestyle Rap,Underground Rap,Psychedelic Rock
Mood(s): Aggressive,Epic,Hard,Optimistic
Style(s): Action Adventure,Danger,Dramatic Soundtrack,Horror/Thriller
Language(s): English
Digital Download: $1.00
Single-Use License: $150.00
Derivative-Use License: $250.00
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Listen to these lyrics of master writer,
I'll introduce myself like fighter,
Stage is the gas, my lyrics are igniter,
this song really couldn't shine brighter,
I entered the room and it suddenly got tighter,
not just that, it has gotten lighter,

Listen to what I'm about to tell,
I started writing when I needed help.
I was fighting for my nation,
I was looking for attention,
I was doing it in discretion,
But suddenly bitch came crashing,
like I plane, she drove me insane,
and started bashing,
my heart and it got destroyed,
all I have left is a void.
To put that aside,
in my life just came a new light,
I am ready to put up a fight,
friends are standing beside me,
they are trying to hide me,
from the pain and the stress
and this pressure in my chest
I am calling in distress,
my life is a mess
I guess, I'm not fast,
enough, all I did was bluffed,
for a while, and I ran for a whole mile,
it seemed so long, I was only a child,
so they put me on a trial.

I have failed, but someone bailed,
me out, didn't even tell me what it's all about.
So I started fighting,
by writing,
I have stopped hiding,
by riding.
Towards all my enemies,
my heart feels and sees,
them as they approach,
I won't let them treat me like I'm a cockroach.
I will give them facial reconstruction,
although my heart is still under construction,
that's why I'm so mad I'm causing destruction,
I can still use my charm,use seduction,
I have already been under abduction,
I have witnessed slaying and corruption,
so my head filled with anger, now I have an eruption.

You have tried to hit me,
you don't want to be messing with me,
there's no way you'll get me,
you tried but you missed me,
don't know why you dissed me,
you did that and you pissed me off,
This time you've outdone yourself,
surely you'll be needing help,
but I'm mad,I won't let you tell,
your allies bout this,but oh well,
This time battle's on for real,
this time I'm going for kill,
please don't run,just hold still,
if you do that I will,
make it painless,
make it stainless,
make it feel like you're on wellness.

You got to believe me,
you cannot deceive me,
hell has received me,
no one can lead me.
Because I'm the leader,
I'm gonna be the,
passer and receiver,
hater and believer,
reviver and killer,
I'm really gonna kill her.
This time she went too far,
I have made my call,
She sat in the car,
but my call blew all.

I hope you understand what I'm saying,
I'm mad as hell, I'm slaying.

Don't you dare to oppose,
your body will be gross,
this song fills the dose,
I can kill with firehose,
nozzle, so here it goes.

Let the real song begin now,
I really got you begging now.
Pleases wont do, you must give me,
what I want, relieve me.
Too much stress, can make a mess,
My adrenaline caused me to be fast,
Speed came from letting burden off my chest,
Once for change I passed the test.
I know this is strange,
but something in me has changed. So
I turned the page,
I ran out of cage,
and got on stage,
I feel like I'm mage.

I make things disappear,
so don't you dare to come near,
I will show no fear,
one step closer you'll be here,
you stepped, I guess you didn't hear.

I'll make you feel like stranger,
this field is marked with danger,
Beware of my shadow,
it's the entrance to meadow

full of mines
and sick lines,
these are hard times,
I'm commiting crimes,
with writing this sick rhymes.
I hope I'm not too rough,
but I finally got off,
this chains that bounded me,
killed enemies that surrounded me,
threw back hammers that pounded me.

I became notorious,
won until I was glorious,
all you can do is glory us,
you can do a story of us,
better be good to us,
our numbers are too much for bus,

Now listen to the last part,
it will surely warm your heart,
Don't try to slow it down,
so you'll see why I'm wearing crown,
they will name a fxxxing town,
after me, so please don't frown.

I'm fulfillment of your wishes.
Don't think I am so ambitious,
please don't say I'm superstitious,
really man, I'm the most delicious,
beware my lyrics, they are vicious,
my name is the most seditious,
my lyrics are the most nutritous,
my wishes to all are malicious,
out of all I'm the most expeditious,
my rhymes are usually pernicious,
but next one will be repetitious

I need to change the rhyme,
so I come back on time,
I went off the line,
don't see me?I'm behind,
I only guess you're blind,
can't wait I do the crime,
goddamn I'm feeling fine,
I guess I reached my prime,
I guess today I shine,
you hope that I'll resign
It's time I redesign,
and time to redefine,
the ways of my rhyme,
my gift is divine,
I'll never step out of line,
again, because I will combine,
all them crazy rhymes,
my words will be refined,
bitch all you do is whine,
shut up and drink wine,
brewed from the finest vine,
It's very tough to find,
But I was assigned,
I'm the one to remind
you,that I fly like a butterfly,
and sting like a porcupine,
I have spikes on my spine,
It's time I intertwine,
I'll take you further than river Rhine,
I'm smarter than Einstein,
don't you think this song is well aligned,
I wonder how many rhymes,
I wrote,1,2,3,4,9

Woah, I was unaware,
that I flow like the air,
you hear me everywhere,
I'm here, no, just kidding I am there,
please don't look so scared,
I think I paid my share,
so don't you even dare,
say I'm having an affair,
I have more rhymes to spare,
my talent's really rare,
I have no equal, I have no pair,
I know it isn't fair,
but life's like this, oh well,
no sense to live in despair,
you can find me in my lair,
don't get scared by the glare,
it will never cease to stare,
I have medusas hair,
If you die, I really don't care,
this song will shoot the flare,
I'm more muscular than bear,
I've finally climbed this stair,
now crown is what I wear,
because as King I was declared,
I cannot be compared,
My whole life is in front of my crosshair,
I cry, while I'm sitting in this chair,
I guess me and life still aren't square,
I guess this song will blare,
Now everyone I have to prepare,
to become a millionaire,
because I really want to repair.

Everything I destroyed,
because of my void,
it got me annoyed,
I tried to avoid,
it,but I ate steroid.

Now behold,
I became bold,
my heart is ice cold,
I won't back down or fold,
This paper is my mold,
this song is a story untold,
I don't do this for gold.

I do this to make a boom,
as soon as I enter the room,
you can smell the perfume,
you can see the costume,
well at least that I presume,
It's time I resume,
this song for the gloomed,
you listeners all assumed,
that I stopped but I didn't, now you're doomed,
I'll clean you out with broom,
I have a sniper zoom,
This song is starting to bloom,
my shadow has loomed,
this is not a heirloom,
nor is it cartoon,
I'll turn to werewolf soon,
I'm looking at the moon.
But every noon,
I come like a monsoon,
to write a new tune,
I eat life with big spoon,
I stop living in the afternoon,
just like now because... I ...


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