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Artist: Emma Chute (Emma Chute)
Artist's Description
Catchy clever ryhme contains expletives, metaphoricly about being stuck in a bad situation and overcoming adversity. She breaks the mirror. Suit rap

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk,Freestyle Rap,Film Soundtrack
Mood(s): Angry
Style(s): Action Adventure,Druggy,Fairy Tales,Gothic/Classic Horror
Language(s): English
MIRROR MIRRORSingle-Use License: $75.00
Derivative-Use License: $250.00
BUY COPYRIGHT: $50,000.00
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the most fxxxed up of all?
Crank it up and have a ball
Then leave this world without a soul.

Mirror mirror can you see
What it is you've done to me?
Like Alice in the looking glass,
This dream was never meant to last.

Mirror mirror on the wall
I'm chasing rabbits down a hole,
They chase me back and leave me cold
Give me vials and make me tall.

Mirror mirror stop your stare,
I need to get the fxxx out of here.
There's Chesire cats and folks in hats
And I have had enough of that!

You wicked witch,
You fxxxing bitch!
Snow White was right
To have you ditched.

So mirror mirror you've got to go,
But I'm not leaving without my snow.
You can be the fairest of them all,
Just hit me up and let me go.

But mirrors cannot see the past,
They're just a piece of stupid glass.
And all it takes is just one blow,
Then bye bye baby off you go.

Copyright 2012 Emma Chute


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