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Respect Me

Artist: Alen Harb (Alkolol)
Artist's Description
Upbeat rock-ish hip hop song (or at least in general feel in my opinion as an amateur rapper). Like I said, vocals need to be not me, rough sounding almost singing. Desire for respect as title claims! English language all the way to the end where it ends with mini Slovenian sentence - not needed.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Rock,Underground Rap,Instrumental Rock
Mood(s): Aggressive,Bouncy,Energetic,Heavy
Style(s): Action Adventure,Danger,Desire,Patriotic
Language(s): English
Digital Download: $0.50
Single-Use License: $60.00
Derivative-Use License: $150.00
My voice is shaking,
It's because of crowd.
I can see them clearly,
there is no shroud,
but thanks for the beat,
which is so loud.
Gonna show people,
what rap is about.

Shocked for the rhythm, people are stroked,
I'm trying to fix, my last year's choke,
ever since then, I've been wearing a cloak,
being agressive, like I just sniffed some coke
regretting every, single day that I woke,
without marihuana, so I couldn't relax and smoke,

Look at my arm,
it's what rappers do.
Listen to me,
if I'm talking to you.
People are moving,
the beat is so good,
you know it from somewhere,
and that's what you should.

I borrowed this beat, 'cause I have no producer,
just because of that, I'm still not a loser,
my words are oranges, my head is a juicer,
I'm not a magician, I'm a magic beat user,
for beautiful ladies, hopefully a seducer,
many haters out there, maybe it's you sir.

Please respect me,
I'm being courageous,
you cannot compare me,
to dancers or mages,
they are setting up,
different stages,
they aren't using,
own written pages.

I'm willing to fight,people are at my side,
they can show their might, so you better hide
me on the stage, that must be a sight,
text that you're hearing, it's what I write,
outside is day here dark like a night,
however you insult me, I'll have my pride,
whatever they say, I never lied,
because of liars, I lost ability to cry.

Move to the beat,
if it makes you feel groovy,
imagine my lyrics,
as a script for a movie,
if you are trying,
very good story you'll see,
you heard of the devil,
his flow I am using.

This is not my best song, many are better,
imagine that you're the one I'm sending this letter,
people are hoping I won't make it and I'm fed up,
all thanks to that unfaithful day I met her,
she gave me need for weed, so I'm light as a feather,
I'm so high, I can see clouds that make weather,
I won't forget the day I threw my heart in the shredder

I threw it in
and it got minced,
been in depression,
ever since,
the dark side,
is trying to convince,
me into joining,
to become their prince.

But I'm avoiding the darkness, 'cause I've been there once,
I saw drugs, pain, knives and guns,
saw the suicide, of a man that runs,
saw one of the great women that stuns,
everyone with her looks and her buns,
but that doesn't mean, that my life is fun
this weight inside my chest, can't be measured with tons,
i've been in jail, where there is no sun.

Walls in the prison,
everywhere you go,
some of us been there,
for more than 1 show,
fueled by adrenaline,
everything is so slow.
This is metaphorical,
just so you know.

Calling me gangsta, for the clothes I wear,
how can people, be so fxxxing unfair,
been insulted forever, but I don't really care,
I guess I'm guilty for being in their hair.
I'm used to people giving me their stares,
I can see them wanting me on an electric chair.

I'm just trying,
to do what I can,
I'm not doing this,
so I could have fans,
I have more haters,
yet here I stand,
just to show them,
I'm not shitting my pants

I could be writing, easily for some time,
but I'm gonna stop, telling you rhymes,
because if I don't, my words will be crimes.
but still I guess, it's my time to shine,
I came on the stage, and many things did I find.

It's time to finish now,
I'll catch you guys later,
gonna shut the mouth,
of each and every hater,
this is a good song,
I'm the one who made her,
I'll represent the light,
I'll kill Darth Vader.

Uživaj v predstavi, prosim še naprej,
a v naslednji to?ki, nea mene glej,
?e zdi se ti smešno,ti se samo smej,
?e zdim se ti dober, prosim povej,
tud kritike sprejemam, dokler so OK.


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