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Dance to the tune

Artist: Sherin Mani (Sherin Mani)
Artist's Description
This is one of my precious writes. With loads of meaning. Do read it.

Genre(s): New Age,Contemporary Folk,General Folk,Acoustic Pop,General Pop
Mood(s): Determined,Introspective,Meditative
Style(s): Humanity,Nineties (1990s),Peace
Language(s): English
Dance to the tuneSingle-Use License: $50.00
Derivative-Use License: $100.00
Shall we dance to the tune of love
Dance to the beat of the ticking time.

Dance to all those cynical moments,
when man dances to the tune,
of devils cringeful ways.

Dance to the bitterness of one’s jilted love.
As contempt comes after the sweetness of those
sugar coated words.

Dance when man’s love, and world peace,
Unfortunately turns into war and hate.

As the love songs try to make a rhyme,
But lovers end up in court, making hot debates.

Dance as a drunkard dances into insanity,
making trips into the parallel universe.

As the dead dance without peace,
Due to all their evil deeds.

Dance as the transgression of nature’s law,
Ends up with a hard slap at man’s face.

Dance as pollution turns into asthma,
And lung disease.

Can the world dance, when the poor remain hungry.
And the rich celebrate.

Karma does harm you, when a man’s
Ignorance turns into bliss.


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