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Broken-hearted club

Artist: Hector Cazares (Hector Cazares)
Artist's Description
A song about a place were lonely men can go

Genre(s): Blues
Mood(s): Peaceful,Sad
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
There’s a place you can go
When you are down and alone
It’s called the broken-hearted club

If you can’t find a friend
Or there’s no love on your bed
Then you will be welcomed there

You can drink pains away
And forget cloudy days
You won’t even remember your name

You will listen sad tales
While you drink some cocktails
It’s alright, relax and enjoy the night

But now hear mi advice
Don’t make of this a vice
Dry your tears, stop the cry
Get up and leave with your head held high


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