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Perfect Insanity

Artist: Undefeated
Artist's Description
This is another poem that could be turned into a song.

Genre(s): Metal, Alternative Metal
Mood(s): Angry, Futuristic, Hard, Heavy, Industrial
Style(s): Action Adventure, Dramatic Soundtrack
Language(s): English
Perfect InsanityStandard License:$47.00
Extended License:$133.00

Perfect Insanity

By Undefeated
Crafty little fingers
Tickle the poison trigger
Automatic sympathy
The problem's getting bigger
Ocean full of vampires
Hearts of victims on fire
Revenge the war is typical
Lust slowly licking desire
Raunchy public figures
Casting a smell that lingers
Killing all your fantasies
Infected horny creatures
Rocking a world of structure
Imploding in the drug store
Searching for the perfect high
Please can I get me some more?


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