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Artist: Brian Aduddell (Undefeated)
Artist's Description
Sometimes I fantasize about just leaving and going somewhere other than here.
Also getting into some trouble along the way

Genre(s): Rock,Classic Rock
Mood(s): Easy,Light,Lively,Relaxed
Style(s): Action Adventure,Ballad
Language(s): English
OutlanderSingle-Use License: $67.00
Derivative-Use License: $133.00
Outlander outbound
Seat on a Greyhound
Going wherever it leads
Maybe to frisco,maybe to Reno
Always up to some no good deeds

Gamble on a good time
Word after word
Line after line
Don't you dare call me antisocial

Compromise on some cheap wine
In company of some filthy swine
Taking the lead on this one way trip
Looking for girls with legs and lips

Fill in the background
With several hundred pounds
Deep in the Florida keys
Illegal treasure, clandestine pleasure
All that's wrong is beckoning me
Hands off' this ones hands on
I can't make up my mind
Look out man, 'cause duty calls tonight

Time for some elevation


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