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I Am Your Earth

Artist: Nancy Dobson (ND (Nancy Dobson))
Artist's Description
Earth is alive and, as Pope Francis says, we should treat Earth with respect. These lyrics reflect that thought.

Genre(s): Folk,Contemporary Folk
Mood(s): Introspective,Positive
Style(s): Inspirational,Nature/Science/Cultural
Language(s): English
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I am your Earth that brings forth life.
I nourish you with all my strength.

In my wide arms you've come to live.
You freely take of all I give.

You're in my rhythms, scents and ways.
Invested, intimate we stay.

I carry forth your daily dreams.
Give back and help me meet my needs.

Beware of thieves whose arrogance
would leave you no inheritance.

Life in this realm begs vigilance.
Be wise; learn rules for your defense.

For you the land, the water flows
and everything that breathes and grows.

Learn all my ways, and keep in touch.
Your fate is bound to this one Earth.


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