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I'm coming for you

Artist: Pooja Kulkarni (Fierce)
Artist's Description
I wrote it in the mood of finding the one.
Everyone seeks love of his/her life and its the journey before finding it.
I hope you like it. Here it goes!

Genre(s): Country,Contemporary Country,Love Songs
Mood(s): Dancing,Dreamy,Fun,Futuristic,Optimistic
Style(s): Desire,Future,Mystery
Language(s): English
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I don’t know what it will take
As I am laying in my bed
I don’t know how you look
Nor I know you where u stay?
But I know it for sure
I feel it feel your lure
I am done being done searching you
Oh darling! am coming for you

I can’t wait to have your all soft hairs on my head
I feel that you and I walking on the same page
Don’t be a lazy, come come get me
I'm half way there, Would you walk half for me?
No? That’s fine! I will walk it to you
Oh darling! I am coming for you!

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