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Artist: Mario Urquia (Lucid)
Artist's Description
Song was commissioned but not paid for.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,General Hip Hop,General Rap
Mood(s): Introspective,Meditative,Sad,Soft
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Came a long way from the sidewalks, a flower grew in the cracks/
Everyday had mile walks, an hour to get to the Jack/
In The Box, same socks, as yesterday/
Same shoes, worn everyday/

[Verse: 1]
Just an adolescent, with the responsibility of a father/
Had to look after my siblings, nobody else would bother/
And my mother? missing in action/
And my father? drunk on absinthe/
Forced to grow up quick/
And time ain't friendly, shit../
Thought it would slow down/
But it just keeps going 'round/
Now I got kids of my own/
And they startin to look so grown/
Life's scary, you gotta love it/
I'm weary, still above it/
You gotta want it, you gotta need it/
You gotta be past breaking to see it/
You gotta cherish every weekend/
And spend it with those you befriend/


[Verse: 2]
I got no one, sometimes I feel broken/
Sometimes I feel lonely/
Sometimes I wanna open, up/
But there's no one, just us/
The mic and my tough/
Emotions, I soaked up/
I'm done I've had enough/
It's happenin', I'm passionate/
School of Hard Knocks, I'mma graduate/
I'mma show the world, I'm talented/
I'm not worth a nine to five, no/
And it ain't my time to die, so/
I'mma give it one more try/
I think it's my time to shine/
I been lookin at the signs/
Thank you God, I'mma go get mines/

[Outro - Acapella]
And if time slips by me/
This was all for my family/
I did it unselfishly/
This isn't for my glory/
This is just me, tellin my story/
This is just me, finding Dory/
Dory, being peace/
And Peace lives in me/
Because although I'm a stud/
Everything I do, is out of love/
Everything I've done is for you/
And one day you'll appreciate it too/


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