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Artist: Belinda Knaap (Belinda Knaap)
Artist's Description
The song is basically about a girl who loved her boyfriend. He was always looking for someone else. He broke up with her but kept her around and then didn't like it when she did the same and started seeing other people.

Genre(s): Country,Pop,General Country,General Pop
Mood(s): Confused,Sad,Tension
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $113.00
BUY COPYRIGHT: $1,333.00
Verse 1
You were keeping your options open
What did you expect me to do
I was still wishin' and hopin'
I'd end up back with you
Remember how much I tried
And you just kept pushing me away
You said you needed time to decide
And so the resentment grew each day

I know the truth even though you deny it
If only you weren't so undecided
A happy ending gone all wrong
After months and months of stringing me along
You will never understand the reason why
All you really bad to do was try
You're saying it's too late now
Saying it's all my fault, wow

Verse 2
You were keeping your options open
Thinking I wouldn't see anyone
That I'd just go on being sad and mopin'
While you went out and had your fun
It was only fair for me to see a guy
For me to find love and happiness
Why would I sit around and cry
When you were acting like you couldn't love me any less

Repeat chorus

Verse 3
How did it pan out for you
You don't seem happy without me
I'm the one you always come to
Guess your friend wasn't right, was he
Was it such a good idea
To push me away, to look for someone new
Have you learnt from your mistake my dear
All I ever wanted was you

Repeat chorus 2x


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