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Go (Perfect Moment)

Artist: Arturas Kuliesas (Arthur Kay)
Artist's Description
Ironic and sad song about no-go relationship with a rather unexpected first chorus.

Genre(s): Country,Easy Listening
Mood(s): Icy,Sad,Silly
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $53.00
BUY COPYRIGHT: $1,067.00
The wine and the candles,
With a song from Adele,
Some food I could kill for,
Girl, you planned it so well.

There's nowhere to rush now
We know what's ahead,
But I barely can handle
Those thoughts in my head.

And although I've been through this
At least a thousand times,
It's just so hard to say what's on my mind.

It is the time and the place
A perfect moment when we are face to face,
And there's something
I think you should know.

Can't keep it in anymore
And I swear I never told you before
How I need you,
How I want to you to go...

I want you to go

I know it is painful
I've been there before
To give all your dreams to
Someone who ain't sure

We sure had some fun girl
So don't get me wrong
But maybe it lasted
A little too long

You're awesome in the kitchen,
And not too bad in bed,
Just save it for somebody else instead.


(Instrumental solo)

It hurts to see you crying,
I know it's hard to take
But let's get out while it's a small mistake



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