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I Got Money

Artist: Arvin Bickham (Arvin"Iceman" Bickham)
Artist's Description
Ah'granted hit! Ready to be put out now.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,General Hip Hop,Urban Crossover
Mood(s): Confident,Cool,Epic,Fast,Floating,Flowing,Fun,Groovy,Happy,Joyous,Leisurely,Thoughtful,Upbeat
Style(s): Car Chase,Nightclub,TV Themes,Video Games
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $113.00
BUY COPYRIGHT: $1,333.00
Opening/Chorus: See I got (money) yes I (do) I got money and I probably (got) more than (you) I got (money) yes I really (do) so believe me because it's (true) that yes "I Got Money!"
V1: Now many (say) Money's the root of all (evil) but I don't believe what they (say) cause it's ah'good friend to me cause it can buy me (anything) and I'll keep on pulling it in ever time it rains (drip, drip)
V2: See if I was to stand on my (money) I can touch the (stars) then come back down to (Earth) hit the club and buy the (bar) all drinks on (me) so put your money (away) it's all free (cause)
V3: Now I can do whatever I (please) cause I got the looks and the (money) so I can do whatever I (wanna) whenever I (wanna) just because the chorus even tells (so) now let's (go) because


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