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See Your Smile

Artist's Description
Sad country song is what i am hearing in my lyric.

Genre(s): Country,Contemporary Folk,Acoustic Pop,Folk Rock
Mood(s): Mournful,Romantic,Sad,Simple,Sweet
Style(s): Death,Funeral Procession,Heartbreak,Nostalgic
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $53.00
you know i'd give most anything
just for one more day
I'd hold your hand and watch your eyes
and tell you so many things

We could dance
under the summer moon
you know how we used to do

I thought that we
would have more time
but it was so fast
just like that you were gone
I wish I'd known
it was our very last day
I would of kissed you harder
memorized your face

If I could see your smile
just one more time
I'd remember every little detail
every single line
I'd trade all my tomorrows
just to see your face
Laughing in the sunlight,
I'd give up anything
----Just to see your smile
One more time


She looks a lot like you
Especially when she smiles
It's funny and a little crooked
and reflected in her eyes-----

She doesn't understand
Why you disappeared
she knows that your not coming home
still she wants you when she's scared
And time can heal anything
At least that's what they say
And it will get a little easier
With Each passing day


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