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Texas Sky

Artist's Description
Would make a wonderful country song

Genre(s): Folk,Art-Folk,General Country,Acoustic Pop,Folk Rock
Mood(s): Mournful,Romantic,Sweet,Thoughtful
Style(s): Heartbreak,Nostalgic,Summer
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $53.00
Something should be said
about the sunsets in Texas
bluebells dancing in the breeze
A sun so big
it really makes you think

Remember how we walked
when you were my girl
and I Was Your Man

Planning the future
And making memories
we were so young
and life was so easy

But the years fly by
much too quick
And the race with age
Is one we just can't win

The hardest thing
was to watch you go
I couldn't follow but I wish I could

I guess that I still have things to do
like watching the sunset
and thinking of you

Underneath that big Texas sky
Life moves on no reason why
It really puts you in your place
all the colors the quiet grace
-----I'm just a man watching time go by… ..
-----Underneath that big Texas sky


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