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Fly Away

Artist: Isaac Williams (Ez-EyE)
Key Signature:
Time Signature: 4/4
Artist's Description
Mad Happy Living Dying All in one year My life Flashed into this beat.

Genre(s): Easy Listening,Hip-hop/Rap,Jazz,Pop,R-n-B,General Easy Listening,Love Songs,Mood Music,East Coast Rap,Gangsta,General Rap,Southern Rap,General Jazz,General Jazz,Smooth Jazz,Acoustic Pop,General Pop,General R-n-B,Soul
Mood(s): Aggressive,Calm,Confident,Confused,Cool,Dancing,Energetic,Epic,Fun,Mellow,Mournful,Positive
Style(s): Action Adventure,Beach Party,Celebration,Comedy,Danger,Fairy Tales,Future,Heartbreak,Humanity,Party,Sex,Story,TV Themes
Tempo: Fast
Language(s): English
Instrument(s): Bass Drum,Bass-Electric,Bass-Orchestral,Cello,Computeised sounds,Drum Kit,Flute,Guitar-Electric,Guitar-Jazz
Vocal Type(s): A Capella,Male Vocals
File Type: MP3
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