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Random Bars 4

Artist: Sonny (Sonny Love)
Artist's Description
Aggressive random bars 3 verse package

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Gangsta,General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Aggressive,Dark,Hard
Style(s): Party
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $267.00
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even mike Tyson lost but i'll fight your boss
no gloves on just love songs for this type of lost
cough and irritate me try to eliminate me
you not lyrical to do such things
my name ring bells like Chinese in Beijing
it ain't a crime thing i'm similar to Rza when you catch the hiccups
i'll be at your face point blank range doing a stick up
who wanna rhyme with me
in their own privacy is where they think their live as me
who you trying to be
you got bars you must work in a pharmacy
i could use some zannies
cause i don't want to be on the news
for kidnapping your granny
i need the relaxing like when i was bout to bus in your mother
but instead i used a napkin
whats happening you front lining but you duck timing
get out of line and i call you a nudist
bars go over your head like im flying with stuartist
young boy shook now got him looking clueless
they'll have to put a patch on your head like you Jewish
3 holes in his head his dome look like a bowling ball
teeth missin he look like a pumpkin they can't sew his jaw
he kiss the mistletoe as soon as he open the door
he ain't get a chance to ask what we was beefing for
blaaazaat right in him
look like he spilled cherry Kool aid on his denim
somebody call the ambulance i thought your man could dance
look like he had ants in his pants the way he was doing the hammer dance
ahh man you just took a glance
later on when you double back what was said
remember i told you deez bars go over your head

now who the rudest lyricists on this shit no mercy i'll rip anybody no exceptions
your perspective is not irrelevant i'm feeding you lyrics but its hard to digest them
its a hard pill to swallow when your fan base follow but they gotta hide their laughter when you get slaughter
you ought to come back next autumn wit some rhymes that's hotter you garbage
bagged up in a hefty bag you left me sad i thought you was a warrior i'll go across your head with a skillet
or make you eat a cup cake with razors in them stick your face in a medal fan while the blade still spinning
sew your asshole shut and keep feeding you Penicllians when jay made a million
i was still in the building with rap pads to the ceiling who you feeling me or screech ain't no bell to save you
but don't get caught by truancy i'm giving these kids bars like its Holloween i got the green
and i talking smoke i'll put money on your head like old folks you got no hope i cant loose to this Al Bundy ass nigga
you need to stop rapping and sell shoes i got bars and bail too i been to hell too hell shoot
i can give you a tour in my establishment in cell 2 you thought you was gonna beat me
but your plan never fell through damn dude this is looking bad for you, you was watching your front
but you gotta watch your back too now that this thing is pointed at you banged right to the head
and when you wake up from the dead and later on you double back what i said
remember i told you ( deez bars go over your head )

i'm a deadly assassin with a photographic habit
of visualizing attacking's when my alliance mash you
like potatoes aye yo main hoe was on my dick
this gonna finalize it don't be surprised when
she ride it like Miley Cyrus now you mighty quiet
you playing with your life bro like fire and nitro
i'm psycho delightful despite yo embarrassment
i question your parents wit your disobedience
against your elders you failed when i could tell ya
not in my league the way you bounce around my ring
so don't compare the genes you a prey to a predator
i'm way ahead of ya lounging on this pedestal
watching my cholesterol you ain't in shape at all
to try to make a bar let alone spar with a don
i'll break you down into the last piece of atom
you flattered by my patterns excuse my manners
how i made it from Saturn back to your planet
these rhymes is out of this world i'll body this girl
like a mannequin damage him with no panicking
then put him in a bag and not the one a sandwich fit
the one they put you in when a boss handle shit
you got me pretty pissed all i see is red
later on when you double back what i said
remember i told you ( deez bars go over your head )


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