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Artist: Gordon Moore (Gordy)
Artist's Description
This lyric is about homelessness, celebrity and love that will never be realized.

Genre(s): Easy Listening,Contemporary Country,Love Songs
Mood(s): Dramatic,Proud,Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $80.00
Your a lady, a real 'A' lister,
No-one calls me sir or mister,
Your image on my magazine bed,
Our secret dates in my head,
Rocking red carpets latest trends,
I sit on the sidewalk with junkie friends.


Worlds apart and not together,
You battle the press,
I fight the weather,
Poles between us face the fact,
Sometimes opposites don't attract.

Penthouse apartments and luxury cars,
My canopies the moon and stars,
You smile and raise your champagne glass,
I sip my can to make it last,
Adoring fans in selfie queue,
Everyone wants a piece of you.


Minutes like days, days like weeks,
Every cardboard box that leaks,
The only thing that heals my pain,
Brings me sunshine in the rain,
Your face in a window of t.v's,
In the precinct where I freeze


The newest fragrance with your name,
Scoring points in the money game,
Love and affection I can't win,
This concrete jungles closing in,
But we both toss and turn all night,
Longing for the morning light.


Perfect angel in my dreams,
I'm a ghost or so it seems,
I know inside you can't be mine,
Maybe someday down the line
At least I'm free and you don't know,
Your a prisoner in a reality show.



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