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It's a present

Artist: Emerald Green (Viktorai Grant)
Artist's Description
Just song about love

Genre(s): Soundtrack,Ambient/Dream Pop,Love Songs,Mood Music,Teen Pop
Mood(s): Bright,Calm,Dreamy,Lively,Romantic
Style(s): Ballad,Desire,Druggy,Fashion
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $133.00
Every day i think about you , your face always in my mind
Every night i imagine our life
It is really my love thing to do
Thinking about you
I know this is strange, you have never even seen me ,you don't know about my existence
There is a long distance
Between us
I hope my love is not superflous
Sometimes it is really hard to love someone unrequited
But all the same i feel happy
There is a think inside my soul
Maybe if you meet me you will fall in love with me
This thought haunts me
And i believe that it will ever happen
Because it is a world, you are a human , and i am a human too..
So everything is possible in this world
This is warm my heart
Now i am in love and this feel makes me lively
And it doesn't matter you aren't next to me
I am happy ,it is amzing to feel it


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