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Bad Guy

Artist: Larry Edwards (Lej)
Artist's Description
Very versatile lyrics, can go in on it, sing it, or do it how you wanna do it. It's all up to you. I wrote this song with a beat on youtube LINK-> as a sample of how it could be done. Works well at 120-140 BPM so mix it

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Pop,General Hip Hop,Teen Pop,General R-n-B
Mood(s): Bitter,Confident,Complex,Contrapuntal,Introspective,Repetitive,Romantic
Style(s): Desire,Heartbreak,Nightclub,Sex
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $80.00
My bad i’m a bad guy,
but that's what you like,
cuz you fxxxed with me

Said dont,
but you fxxxed with me,
Got a lot so much love for me
said again dont fxxx with me
Said you’ll take your chances,
Asked for one dance and we landed in my bedside
Rolltide, we can do this all night, I could love you long time
Bet you guessed right? Bet you guessed right?
All the things you wanna hear
make it clear 2 words, one night
Knew I coulda hit it for the night, cuz you want this dick for life
but I only got one life, one night
know me, know you and we both know that these things fall just threw
Who knew, your friends knew, but you took the one dance
Switched up had you waking up thinking we would last,
and we landed in my bedside
My bad, im a bad guy, but thats what you like

Only want it for the night, I guess your friends were right
Blowing up my line
Got you blocked on the gram
Made a new account and hit my dm’s
Posting all this shit saying hes a bitch don't fxxx with him
Why you mad this the game and you got played,
That's life, move on be pull a me on your next guy
Scared to get hurt so you keep him on the sideline
He's like why god, my god, I wanna be your headline
Cuz your running game like usain bolt on these new guys
But you learned the game quick from me, that's life
wanna go back but you fxxxed with me
For the one night, hang tight,
He's like why god, my god, I wanna be your headline
But he fxxxed with you,
Your bad, you're a bad guy, but that's what he likes

{Optional Verse 3}
See me, i'm that last guy,
Played out by a bitch wishing on her last guy
Now i'm stuck with my main bitch on the sideline
And you stuck doing the same things to the next guy
It's a cycle that we all caught in, we all go thru
Who knew, the cause of our pain is the past when we got played
And now we hold back scared to get hurt again
Not you it's me, move on, never thinking that we’d change
Wanna place the blame, but we broken,
No blame we just got to get to workin
Nothing's fixed overnight,
find the one you love and hold on tight
My bad, I was hurt, now i'm alright
With em every single night
Never let you go ima hold on tight
Cuz you changed me.
When it's wrong girl you make it right
Glad I fxxxed with you


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