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Artist: Dantrell Sims (Green Flag Trell)
Artist's Description
This is the song you need. Two Fire verses with A Catchy chorus.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Aggressive,Dancing,Fast,Futuristic
Style(s): Druggy,Nightclub,Sex
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $100.00
BUY COPYRIGHT: $1,333.00
She wide open bust it open for the team/ ( Hook ) X2
she wanna fxxx us cuz she see we gettin cheese/
she fell down got to scrapin up her knees/
ain't no cuffin she the public im'a fxxxin sleaze

dat bitch a thot a runner man we dog those/1 ( Verse ) 1
only focused on all pros money factor in all goals/
came up off all coke when ya'll gave up all hope/
i was tryna get balls gone my mind was on all wrong/4
pistol on me it was just used pussy niggas get misused/
quite nigga wit a short fuse put a bullet in a corpse too/6
i was playin with the baking soda took L's I couldn't whip/
got it right so i took a trip proed up would you look at this/8
now a nigga look different now now these hoes look lesser now/
got niggas feelin threatened now and i ain't puttin in effort now/10
them banks notes a send the message out them bank notes a send the meassage out/
they ain't know about me back then but them bank notes got the message out/12
dripped up while you stressin out i don't stress what you stress about/
ya'll the niggas way in the back im the nigga thats next in line/14
complain away its a rainy day they take it out in a angry way/
freak hoes take it in the face i got a girl i don't penertrate/16

get another girl we can intergrate they can share a glass like lemonade/ ( Verse ) 2
i'll lick it up neva been afraid eat the pussy like dinner made/2
got the metal on me like Bender face you don't want this to hit yo face/
take chunks off when it hit yo face lookin like a dinosaur bit yo face/4
took bakin soda hit it with the yay money comin with a diferent pace/
diferent spots with diferent safes different plugs out different states/6
i just wanna move a brick a day you don't really do shit you say/
yo bitch go to do tricks for pay she'll take a new dick a day/8
and i ain't tryna hear shit you say you broke me and you can't relate/
my wardrobe consist of bathin apes yours probably got alot of capes/10
yo girl givin up alot of face what'll happen if a promise break/
she catch nut her timin great money make her play simon says/12
coke make her not care alot freindly girls wanna share alot/
a tight nigga i don't share alot when money all that i care about/14
my last hater probably buried now own pops had to carry him out/
you with the game don't break vows i'm wit that i'm married now/16


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