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The Promise

Artist: Robert Grassey (riddler)
Artist's Description
My lyrics are written when my mind starts ticken i cant help the thoughts that flow in my own vision.
the only way to describe my lyrics is for you to read them.
you be the judge.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Bass Assault,East Coast Rap,Foreign Rap,Freestyle Rap,Gangsta,General Hip Hop,General Rap,Hardcore Rap,Horrorcore,Old School Hip Hop,Southern Rap,Underground Rap,West Coast Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive,Angry,Anthemic,Anxious,Bitter,Bouncy,Bright,Calm,Childlike,Confident,Confused,Cool,Complex,Contrapuntal,Dancing,Dark,Determined,Disturbing,Dramatic,Dreamy,Easy,Eerie,Energetic,Epic,Evil,Fast,Floating,Flowing,Forgiveness,Fun,Full,Futuristic,Galloping,Groovy,Happy,Hard,Hate,Heavy,Haunting,Horror,Hypnotic,Icy,Industrial,Innocent,Introspective,Joyous,Leisurely,Light,Lively,Mechanical,Meditative,Mellow,Mournful,Magical,Optimistic,Outer-Space,Patriotic,Peaceful,Playful,Pompous,Polyphonic,Positive,Proud,Pretty,Regal,Relaxed,Repetitive,Revenge,Romantic,Sad,Scary,Silly,Simple,Slow,Soft,Solid,Strange,Sweet,Tension,Technical,Thin,Thoughtful,Upbeat
Style(s): Action Adventure,Ballad,Ballroom Dance,Barbershop Quartet,Beach Party,Blaxploitation,Bollywood,Broadway Musicals,Burlesque,Car Chase,Cartoon,Celebration,Charleston,Childrens Production,Comedy,Confusion,Cookery Music,Danger,Death,Desire,Dramatic Soundtrack,Druggy,Eighties (1980s),Elevator Music/Public Access TV,Espionage,Fairy Tales,Fanfare,Fashion,Fifties (1950s),Film Noir,Forties (1940s),Friendship,Funeral Procession,Future,Game Show,Gospel Hour,Gothic/Classic Horror,Halloween,Heartbreak,History Channel,Hi-Tech,Horror/Thriller,Humanity,Info-mercial,Inspirational,Inspirational/Christian,Jitterbug,Karaoke,Lindy-Hop,Lullaby,Mardi Gras,Motivational,Mystery,Nature/Science/Cultural,New Years Eve,News/Corporate,Nightclub,Nineties (1990s),Nostalgic,Party,Patriotic,Peace,Psychedelic,Roaring Twenties (1920s),Sci-Fi,Seventies (1970s),Sex,Silent Film,Sixties (1960s),Slapstick,Soap Opera,Soundscape,Spaghetti Western,Sports/Athletic,Square Dance,Story,Summer,Thanksgiving,Thirties (1930s),ThirtySomething,Travelling,Triumph,TV Drama,TV Themes,Vaudeville,Video Games
Language(s): English
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I made a promise to my conscience
ill give hell to who brainwashed us
ill rebell ill start a problem
ill let loose im not retarded
you see at the top of my body
theres a brain theres not a lobby
for the lies these people started
but i did research and gained some knowledge

now my mind is right and wont slow down
to find the light thats promised
every single person who sees through eachothers
hateful appetite

to love and be loved
to trust and seeze guns
to kill and be drunk
to drugs and green stuff
its dumb

but until you see the truth
step out the box and be true to you
may be the right one with the right moves
or maybe the right tools
let loose let your spirit guide you
its time to understand the plan they have to blind you
but if you dont want to see it
then best believe you will repeat
every move they have had you made
since the first grade achievments

so on my behalf id like to say this last sentance with trust
open your eyes
and realize that you should be yourself for once.


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