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So High

Artist: afua danso
Artist's Description
This is a carefree, sunshiny acoustic guitar type of pop tune rooted in an exploration of self, love and self-love.

Genre(s): Pop, Rock
Mood(s): Bouncy, Confident, Dancing, Easy, Energetic, Fun, Happy, Light, Upbeat
Style(s): Summer
Language(s): English
So HighStandard License:$20.00

So High

By afua danso

I wanna feel so high
I wanna love that's worth it
(So high)
I wanna love that lasts
(I wanna feel so high)
Sometimes heartbreak is perfect
If we can learn from the past
I wanna feel so high
So high
I wanna feel so high
So hiiiiiiigh
(I wanna feel so high)

[Verse 1]

No you can't teach it
We can't reach it
I do believe in my self-worth
Ain't nothin' wrong in puttin' myself first!


[Verse 2]

Is for the living
And finding joy in what you're giving
I lived and learned to love myself
Now I can share me with somebody else.



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