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{beyond possibility}

Artist: afua danso
Artist's Description
This song breathes Acoustic Soul, flows like poetry and inspires like daydreams. It is designed for self-exploration, sparking creation and encouragement for all those who feel its good vibrations to forge ahead on their own miraculous, magical path.

Genre(s): R-n-B, Contemporary Folk, Acoustic Pop, Soul
Mood(s): Calm, Dreamy, Easy, Flowing, Introspective, Mellow, Magical, Optimistic, Peaceful, Playful, Thoughtful
Style(s): Inspirational, Motivational, Peace, Travelling
Language(s): English
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{beyond possibility}

By afua danso

I don't dream in fairy tales
Of white picket fences
Protecting me with their pretenses.
I don't wish upon stars
To tell me who I already are
No I don't wait for glass slippers
To fit my size 10 feet
Carryin' me 'way to a life lived for me
Cuz I GROW as I GO!
Forgin' my own path, straight destiny


You see I,
I Dream like I Breathe,
Fantasy Free ~
Just like my Third Eye sees,
You see I,
I Dream like I BE,
Of LiFE Lived FULLY ~
{beyond possibility}



I'm not over here
Kissin' frogs
Sayin' "someday my prince will come"
You won't find me
Out in dem woods
Sippin' porridge with locks of goldie
I BE out in these streets
Spreading LOVE happily
DOIN' WERK with a Capital "E"
So the day don't feel long,
Yeah, I CREATE what I SEE

{repeat chorus}

{instrumental solo into freestyle / spoken word flow}

I BElieve in Romance & Unicorns
See Rainbows as Full Moons adorn
And even embrace Astrology
I BElieve in Magic & Miracles
Love Afros & Jehri Curls
And See the GODDESS in ME
What gets me about fairy tales
Is I'm strong enuf to show & tell
My OWN story, tried & true
My road sho' is winding,
Yet I'm SURELY climbing,
What else can I DO?!

{repeat chorus}

{beyond possibility}


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