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Hit the concrete

Artist: TheRabbit
Artist's Description
This is freestyle used for rock and heavier music stlyes

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Rock, General Alternative, General Rock
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Determined
Style(s): Action Adventure, Danger, TV Drama
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.00

Hit the concrete

By TheRabbit
Verse 1- On the brink of insanity, watching time go by seeing no escape. I sir quiet planning for the day I can let my rage escape
I look around and only see people trying to stop me from achieving my destiny . I am the only one willing to fight for my way of life for me to be me and not
another robot in todays society.

V2- You may think I am just a smart mouthed trouble maker with now path in sight. That's where me and you are set apart, I prefer to unpaved road
the way of the champions to find my own way to happiness and no one like you can stop me. I will move mountains and part the seas before I give in. It is my choice
to decide where I go from here.

V3- Just sit back and relax as I turn the world upside down with my voice, with my choice. You may sneer and mock at me but by the time you get done I will have already won. I am the master of my world and will win this game we all play, no I do not use cheat codes I invent my own way to survive this unforgiving world.
I fight and claw my way up the latter and push all those oppose me out of my way so listen to me when I say do not get in my way.

chorus- Hit the concrete, if you are not with me, hit the road if you are trying to tell me I will not achieve.

V4- I wipe my brow from the sweat and blood and only see sunny days as I get ready for the battle. You can say I am crazy, yet they said
that about the Wright brothers and I like them will fly so high looking down at all my haters who said I would never be here.


V5- I have no more time to waste with you as I have better things to do. I walk out with a mind built for greatness, ready to take on the world, to show all
those who doubted me that they were wrong. I stand here today so proud not yet done though I have done more than you ever thought possible, I am a warrior
and I will not stop till the war is won by me and me alone.


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