Feautured Songbay Artist: Anka Yura

Feautured Songbay Artist: Anka Yura

Feautured Songbay Artist: Anka Yura

This week we take a look at the work of Anka Yura, a brilliant songwriter of high quality chart hits, and such a mellifluous voice!

Listen to her original hit ‘Fire in the Air’ now >>

Anka Yura at Songbay

Anka Yura at Songbay

“How did you get in to songwriting?”

When I was six years old, my parents bought me my first instrument, a Mandolin.I learned to play it myself just by listening. My dad was so strict about me learning to play the Mandolin that he had me master at least one new song a day.
Sometimes, it’s not only teenagers or adults, but also kids who don’t want to be pushed too hard. One day, before my parents got home from work, I sat on my mandolin, jumped on it and broke it in half! (😜)
But that wasn’t the end of my music journey. In fact, I carried music in my heart and mind through the years. I now make songs and music from my heart, not because I am obligated to.
I never imagined myself composing and writing songs but it all comes naturally to me.

“Where did you study songwriting?”

Even though I obtained Bachelor degree in political science and Mastered in International Business Management, I never quit studying music. We study many different things in colleges and universities but by studying something on our own and practicing on our own we learn more.
In fact, music is the one thing that I’d create all day without thinking about anything else.
Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a shy person that I don’t often share my feelings with people.
So writing lyrics and putting melodies to them is the only way for me to express the feelings that I’ve never shared to anyone before.

” What are your musical influences?

My music taste comes from all over. But my greatest source of inspiration is my daughter.

” What would you say are your achievements as a songwriter?

My biggest achievement was being able to watch my daughter listen and dance to my song ‘Fire in the Air’😝.
About a year ago, I sent my very first songs ‘Shades of the Rainbow’ and Roller Coaster Man’ to an International Song Writing Competition. I was shocked by its results. Shades of the Rainbow( not published yet) was placed as a semi finalist and Roller Coaster Man’ was awarded a Directors Award of ISRC.







“People you’ve performed or collaborated with?”

When my daughter Amanda was born, I decided to dedicate myself to humanitarian causes as much as I could. I joined the UNICEF Next Generation in Los Angeles. Being a part of this great organization and involved in its work for the past five years has inspired me to write the song Why Are You Away ( donated to UNICEF and its effort help children around the world).
‘Why Are you Away’ is a song about questioning powerful people who have become indifferent of helping people in need, once they have power.
This song was produced by Laetoli Music Publishing and sung by Jean Miller, acoustic guitar played by Scott Holt.
“Who are your favorite artists and why?”
I like all sorts of music, but in particular, I like to watch inspiring movies and listen to their soundtracks. I think soundtracks are not only for enhancing the movie’s story but also reveals the inner strength and energy of the main character in the movie.

“Thoughts about Songbay?”

I’m really happy that I found Songbay.
Songbay is a very useful and informative engine for artists. Not to mention, you can live chat with like minded artists through Songbay. It’s offers, features, and extras are amazing tools for those young emerging and new coming artists like myself.
Btw: Thank you Songbay for creating and sharing such beautiful artwork for my song Be Seeing You, coming soon in June.
All I can say about Songbay is to check it out for yourself and you’ll know what to do.

Take a look at Anka’s work on Songbay today. Feel free to get in touch with her with any work offers or collaboration requests: 

Anka Yura’s  Artist Page at Songbay >>

Featured #Songbay Artist Mark Downey “Everyday people dealing with ‘everyday’ life” #Songwriting at #Songbay

Feautured Songbay Artist: Mark Downey

Mark Downey Songbay Lyricist

Mark Downey Songbay Lyricist

This week we feature the work of Songbay artist Mark Downey,  an extremely  talented  lyricist and  poet with a large selection of lyrics available for purchase at Songbay.  Mark’s recent works focus on the ‘individual perspective’- ‘Everyday’ people dealing with ‘everyday’ life.

In his own words:
” I’ve gone through a number of artistic formats over the years, from play-writing to poetry through most memorably for a few months, pottery.

But writing, putting ideas into words, creating images and sounds, trying to find the best way to express a particular emotion, this was an activity I quickly fell in love with. And as all of us who use this site would agree, songs are a magical and unique medium. They can make us cheerful or sad, want to dance and sing in a way that no other art form is capable of doing. All encapsulated within generally a three to five minute period.

I’m not usually someone who writes directly about personal experiences. I have so much admiration for writers who can do that, it’s an amazing gift but sadly for me, not one I have. For me the inspiration, the drive to write is triggered by outside influences. A rhythm or melody on a song which will make me think, that’s a genre style that I would like to try. Sometimes it’s an emotion or an expression that a friend might express that I’ll think is interesting. Or a documentary or political show which has a cultural reference that I’ll connect with. How people are being effected by the environment they find themselves in.

Though with the most recent batch of lyrics I’ve uploaded to Songbay I’ve been trying to write more straightforward, ‘relationship’ lyrics. The timeless variety that we can all connect with. With a ‘catchy’ melody. Hopefully. That’s the rainbow somewhere out there on the horizon that I’m searching for. But variety is what I love.

Following on from that it will not be a surprise if I say that while my love of music listening came from being an ‘80’s child’ and hearing the songs of the time. The ‘popular’ acts like Prince, Madness, Led Zeppelin, it was the folk/pop singer-song-writers like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen etc who got me interested in writing my own song lyrics a few years back. The idea being that I would completely capture the human condition, helping to end through the power of words: war, famine and hardship everywhere. The:

‘And I assure the public that this will be achieved by the end of the decade’

…….kind of idea. Lol

But even after realism sunk in, (strangely enough I haven’t yet inspired a peace march or a single gun to be laid down), I continued on writing less grandiose songs and found I still enjoyed it. Songs more from an individual’s perspective. ‘Everyday’ people dealing with ‘everyday’ life.

I love the feeling of creating, when I settle down with an idea of what I want to say and the words flow. A great feeling of calmness, completeness and achievement envelops me.  Especially since this doesn’t happen with the regularity I would like, it’s often a case of sitting down hoping for an ‘inspiration muse’ to happen by as I stare at a blank page or screen! But when it does come together, I’m in my own personal oasis. Then sharing the piece with people I know and over the last few years, uploading them to this site is a journey I’ve come to enjoy. Sadly, I haven’t had many sales, which of course I would like, but I do get a lot of personal enjoyment from writing anyway.

The feedback and encouragement I’ve got from Songbay, both from other members and the guys who run the site has been great. I tend not to write with other artists so when I finish a piece, no one else has seen a single word and I’m always disappointed with the final song. Sometimes what I envisioned is close to what I’ve put down in words, other times it looks like I’ve just thrown random scrabble block letters onto a page. But the members here understand and are always supportive. I don’t know whether I should extend this comment out to everyone but, if I’m a typical example:

‘Artists are a terribly insecure bunch of people. We can never be reassured too much……!’

Thanks for all the claps on the back. ”

 Mark Downey

Take a look at Mark’s work on Songbay today. Feel free to get in touch with him with any work offers or collaboration requests: 

Mark Downey Artist Page at Songbay


Featured #Songbay Artist Kristy C Mason @KristyMason33 #Songwriting at #Songbay

Feautured Songbay Artist Kristy C  Mason

This week we feature the work of Kristy C Mason, a gifted lyricist with a large selection of her work available for purchase at Songbay

In her own words:
“Writing has come to me naturally. I started out at a young age. With writing children story books and poetry. Writing is something I enjoy. It is relaxing, fun and entertaining. There are times I laugh at what I am writing, cry or completely happy. There are so many feelings that go into it.
It takes me into all different worlds. My lyrics are not just about me. I vision it, I write it. I feel it, I write it. I watch someone go through something I write it.
My emotions, frustrations, and situations come out in it. I can picture myself in your shoes. Focus on your perfections, attractions and satisfactions.
We are allowed to dream, fantasize, and realize. I have made it through the darkness, the sunshine, rain, thunder, hurricanes and all.
I share this all with you. Our growths and set backs.
Songwriting is not something I have studied. This is and always has been in and a part of me.
I grew up to the 90’s. Listening to Usher, TLC, SWV, Xscape and so much more. One of the greatest 2Pac. Who had so much meaning in all of his work.
I look up to artists such as Beyonce and Rihanna. So much hard work they put in. The creativity never ends. The talent amazes me.
I have never performed nor collaborated with anyone.
Songbay I found online. I love it as they show so much love and support for all of their artists.
I hope and dream that someone relates to what I write. As I enjoy all I do.
My positivity, creativity and loyalty to my writing will never leave.
Stay positive, stay strong
Cause we don’t know how long”
Kristy C Mason

Take a look at Kristy’s work on Songbay today. Feel free to get in touch with her with any work offers or collaboration requests: 

Kristy C Mason Artist Page at Songbay

Portfolio Page Songbay

Featured #Songbay Rachel Starr. @Rachel2writes #Songwriting at #Songbay.

Feautured Songbay Artist Rachel M Starr


This week we interview Rachel Star. Although relatively new to the art of lyric writing, she is already a popular artist on Songbay and clearly very talented.

How did you get in to songwriting?

“I started writing lyrics about six months ago as a creative outlet. I was going through a really tough time after my Mum passed away and needed to channel my energy into something positive. Now that I’ve started I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. It’s like something has been triggered inside my soul. I jot down every creative thought I have and clever little thing I hear, then spend all my spare time massaging my notes until I have an original product I’m happy with. I have a tendency to think about things in ways that others might not. I also never, ever truly switch off which serves me well with my writing.

Where did you study songwriting?

“I am self-taught although I did double-major in English at college which has certainly helped. I love literature and have dabbled in a few types of creative writing. I have actually just finished writing my first children’s book Jack, the Vampire Bat which is currently with a publishing house. Combining my creative writing with my love of music seemed to come quite naturally.” Your musical influences?

My Mum has by far been my biggest influence. She really loved music and a good spin around the dancefloor! As a result, I was exposed to a wide range of music during my childhood. As a lyricist, I tend to draw inspiration from many different artists because my taste is so diverse. I wrote ‘Stardust’ listening to Katy Perry, ‘The Greatest Love’ listening to Lily Allen, ‘No Getting Over You Yet’ listening to Regina Spektor and ‘Laughter Is The Best Medicine’ listening to old lindy-hop tunes. Music impacts heavily on my emotions, energy and thoughts which definitely influences my approach to writing and, of course, the finished product.

I also love to travel and engage with people from all walks of life. Everyone has a story to tell and I want to hear them all. In doing so, I feel as if I’m always changing and growing, becoming a better person and a better writer.

What would you say are your achievements as a songwriter?

I wish I had a long list of achievements to showcase but the truth is I am only just starting out. I have been quietly sitting in the background, pulling together my little lyric library, in preparation of putting my work out there for the world to see. I’ve chosen Songbay as my preferred platform and today is the day I emerge from my shell!! Make sure you check out my full catalogue because each song tends to be different from the rest.

Who have you performed or collaborated with?

I am by no means a performer but hope to partner with other creatives and produce some incredible tunes. To be honest, I am bursting at the seams, thinking about potential opportunities! Definitely drop me a line if you’re keen to collaborate. Working with others really brings out the best in me and I have been told I have a knack for bringing out the best in others too.

Who are you favorite artists and why?

I love contemporary pop, EDM and hip-hop but the music I enjoy most is the really emotive stuff that brings back memories, the bulk of which was either written when I was little or before I was born. I love Bowie, Floyd, Zeplin, INXS, Blondie, Queen, The Beetles, The Doors, MJ… all of the music I was brought up on. I listen to a lot of ‘non-commercial’ music too and love following Aussie home-grown talent. If you haven’t checked out Tash Sultana yet, you need to!


What are your thoughts about Songbay?

Although I am new to Songbay, I am really impressed with it. This platform provides everything an emerging lyricist needs to forge a career in the industry. On top of that, the support I have received from the team has been excellent. If you’re unsure about Songbay, don’t be.

Take a look at Rachel’s work on Songbay today. Feel free to get in touch with her with any work offers or collaboration requests: Rachel Starr Artist Page at Songbay

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