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SG is an avid music enthusiast with a profound love for both rock and country genres. While not pursuing a career as a musician, SG finds solace and inspiration in the power of music to evoke emotions, tell stories, and connect people from all walks of life.
Growing up surrounded by the rich musical traditions of Texas, SG was exposed to a melting pot of sounds and styles, shaping his eclectic taste in music. The rugged spirit of rock and the heartfelt storytelling of country resonated deeply within his heart and soul. From the soulful blues-infused rock to the gritty outlaw country, SG draws inspiration from the diverse musical tapestry of his home state.
Living in the heartland of country music, SG finds joy in the lively honky-tonks and venues that dot the Texas landscape. SG has em
aced the twang of pedal steel guitars, the warmth of fiddle melodies, and the soul-stirring lyrics that define the country music he holds dear. Whether it's the raw honesty of a ballad or the toe-tapping rhythms of a country-rock anthem, SG em
aces the authentic sounds and heartfelt narratives that resonate with the Texan spirit.
While not actively pursuing a career as a musician, SG immerses himself in the music community by attending live performances, supporting local talent, and engaging in meaningful conversations with fellow music enthusiasts. He appreciates the craftsmanship and dedication of talented musicians and seeks to deepen their understanding and knowledge of both rock and country music.
Beyond his love for music, SG embodies the spirit of Texas through his daily life. He em
aces the traditions, values, and rich cultural heritage that make the state so unique. His love for music extends beyond genres, as he explores various musical styles, drawing inspiration from folk, blues, and Americana as well.
SG believes in the power of music to unite people, transcend boundaries, and inspire change. His genuine enthusiasm and deep knowledge of rock and country music makes him an engaging conversationalist and a valuable contributor to any music-related dialogue. His passion for Texas and its musical heritage fuels his desire to share his love for rock and country with others.
In the future, SG seeks to continue his journey as a music enthusiast, attending concerts, discovering new artists, and supporting the vi
ant music scenes in Texas. Through his unwavering love for rock and country music and his Texan roots, SG aspires to foster connections and create lasting memories within the music community.


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A highly passionate and talented lyricist with a burning desire to create captivating and emotive lyrics that resonate with audiences. Seeking opportunities to contribute to the music industry and collaborate with talented musicians and artists.
• Proficient in crafting engaging and meaningful lyrics that evoke emotion and tell compelling stories.
• Strong command of language, with an ability to manipulate words and phrases to create poetic and impactful lyrics.
• Deep understanding of various musical genres and an ability to adapt writing style accordingly.
• Excellent storytelling skills, capable of capturing complex emotions and experiences in concise and relatable lyrics.
• Collaborative mindset, open to working with artists and musicians to bring their visions to life.
Aspiring Lyricist | Independent Practice
• Passionately honing my skills in lyric writing through self-study and practice.
• Actively collaborating with aspiring musicians to create original songs.
• Participating in online songwriting communities to receive feedback and refine my craft.
Bachelor of Arts in Communication | University of the Incarnate Word – San Antonio, Texas
• Coursework focused on creative writing, literature, and poetry.
• Developed strong writing skills and a keen understanding of literary devices and techniques.
Additional Skills:
• Proficient in music theory and understanding song structure.
• Detail-oriented and committed to delivering high-quality work.
• Strong work ethic and ability to meet deadlines.
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
• Open to feedback and continuous improvement.


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