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I have been writing music since the 60;s and have been inspired to write even further back; in fact as far as I can remember music has been a part of my life . Yea one might say I'm old ; but my heart and soul is young and full of rock n roll , blues and a touch of country to
ing it all down to earth and round it out with a good beat . Now I've never belong to a formal band , but have jammed with many along my way through this crazy life . Most my songs come from my life experiences and heartaches along the way . There have been many beautiful ladies along the way and all have left me a great deal to write about ; and many are still friends to this day . When it comes to my heart I I'm colored blind; therefor I have been blessed to have had the chance to experience all styles of music .
I'm also a published poet and author of a short novel titled (Hitchhiking With An Angel ) by Walter Scott (pen name ) published by Author House in 04 and just published a revised edition on Amazon KDP of it recently . This is a short novel of my life hiking across country in the 70's .
My lyric writing has always been a gift that comes easy to me . The words just seem to flow upon the paper and the music and melody is in my head . It may star with the words or the music , it can work either way . All I know is writing has never been a choice it's just what I've always done .


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