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Adewale Adenigbagbe

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With over 20 years of musical experience, Adewale debuts into the scene as a budding artist with a rich and prolific pedigree in the art. A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger and producer with an impressive flair for inspirational music.


He began his musical odyssey as a trumpeter in 1995 with the premier praise team of his erstwhile church in Lagos, Nigeria. He has a well steeped inculcation in jazz harmony and classical orchestration. He affirms that his songs were inspired by the Holy Spirit and were revealed in visions, dreams and other trance-like apparitions to him. His musical style, especially vocal techniques exploits the odd modal scales of the ancient Greco Roman and medieval era prominently the defunct Phrygian, Mixolydian and Plagal modes characterised in the sacred songs and solos of acts and choirs of that dispensation.
On listening intently to his music which he calls the ALFRESCO BEATS, you can hear, even, feel the strong influence of traditional and ethnic musical idioms interspersed with popular expressions as he strives to infuse the modern with the orthodox, the ethereal with the base and the transcendent with the colloquial.

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