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Elisa Berkey is a passionate indie pop singer&songwriter. Born in a small costal town in Italy, she has been studying as a vocalist and keyboard player since the age of fourteenth experiencing with different musical genres from jazz and blues to pop and indie rock. This variety of studies allowed her to develop her personal and unique musical taste, a balance between her new discoveries and her irreplaceable idols Etta James and Eva Cassidy. Currently focusing on her artist career as leader of the newborn rock band, The Golden Spines, she's active as a songwriter for the pop industry.


Full-time music student attending the last year at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London in Creative Musicianship. I started my music education in Italy in 2011 taking private vocal and contemporary piano lessons until summer 2015 and performing twice a year in theatres and venues in my hometown. Trying to expand my skills as a songwriter I currently started learning the guitar as an autodidact. In the past few years I gained experience in the production field using programs like Logic Pro X and Pro Tools, whether developing my portfolio as a songwriter or working in a studio. During the last year I also strengthen my composition skills investing time in writing music for films and television for my current degree.

More information upon request.

Key Dates

The Golden Spines: Underbelly 7th of April 2018


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