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James Miller

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Composing, Singing, and playing constitute an extension of James Miller’s poetry. The most striking aspect of his music is his beautiful lyricism. Many of his songs are folk or folk rock by genre. Others include a sound and tempo reminiscent of the 1960s that impels one to the dance floor. Regardless of what song one chooses to listen to, James Miller’s songs are sure to focus on pertinent, life grabbing themes like love, death, freedom, civil protest…etc. In all, James Miller’s songs usher forth from his humanity just as he hopes to portray humanity in a more beautiful light through his music.


Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Poetry)
New York University

Elevation Concert
April 22, 2017
Philadelphia, PA, 19146

Key Dates

"Penn's Place"
June 24, 2017
New Castle, DE, 19720


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