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i cross my heart
don’t hope to die i swear I’ve come too far

my only fear of death is not turning up this boulevard,
I’ve changed my ways…Ill be ready for the rain tomorrow

the pain of yesterday only taught me how to break a fall

kicking martial arts, kick rocks, as i kick box
cinematic flows puffin swishers while at kick backs

That hip hop. mic checkin anybody thinking that they shit hot
if they aren't human first,like wheres your universe at

would you flex a gat before you feed your daughter wealth
i swear theres levels to this shit,

they talk a partial part.
I’m in the front line chilling reading the art of war

brave enough to tell them how it is as if i had the heart, to care about it
been writing hitters till the whole world hears about it

spitting fire baby
they know were living for those better days

forever young when were rocking stages
on some new shit, so some positive shit we say

i wonder why its still the same, aint nothing change
i guess it has to be us. i guess we had to re up

pushing that soulful ass sound while rappers caught in the lust
ease, got everybodys woman fxxxing with us

g’s. in a rubber band without a plan to give up
still just living it up

But probably giving a fxxx
Still bent from that henny when we chill in the cuts

got them running from davinci when its time to show up
power. Show them how to move in room full of cowards

Or show them how to see the light building in the darkest hour
see i just really wanted to keep my peace

But the games fxxxed up,so you have to be a different breed

Cross My Heart

Hook :
This is that sound,that will never grow old
Been smoking on a pound,writing heat in my zone

Rapping laps, running miles
I think I found a new home

Better know I'm making mamma proud
It's been a long while, wow now I, uh

Verse :

See I've been, thinkin about those, early days
Jottin on a piece of paper

Like Maybe I was meant to show a favor
One day, Ima show my pops I'm greater

Until then, watch me humble down these so called haters

My writings forever, swear it is from the soul

Hours conflicting, I packed so many bowls
Alone with my thoughts,in this hotbox

How I Imagine the day we feel we've made it
How we would change this world,

Verse 2:
Reminiscing on these records as I listen, spill a message

Musics deeper than breaking up swishers
This here is is deeper than painting these pictures

Prove it with action
Man Everybody's got passion when rapping
But be a human first. Speak what you live.
And stay humble with the love you give

Like shout outs to my brothas, staying on that grind

Do what you have to , to survive,
Make sure you keep it live

Just don’t end up dancing with a devil
for a little sweet advice

In My Zone

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Im an Independent Hip Hop Artist/Writer out of Azusa, California. Music & StenchyLife is my life. I currently live in Azusa and Im working on a mixtape called "The Enlightenment" dropping soon! My goal is to be the first Filipino artist to make a mark mainstream with different music and to be remembered for that soulful music around the streets in hip hop. Its not about what you do in life, its who you become. I also write poetry and I'm interested in working with artists of any genre.


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