Lyric to Song Terms

Lyric-to-Song Terms and Conditions


  • When a lyric is turned into a song, a percentage of any potential broadcast royalties is usually divided between the lyricist and the composer, with the composer then acquiring a say in the future use of the lyric. Our ‘Lyric-to Song-Service’ gives much greater control to the owner of the lyric, whilst still legally crediting the composer/s.
  • In using our lyric-to-song service, the lyricist retains ALL rights to their lyric. They may continue to use it elsewhere (even in other productions) without hindrance. The lyricist will also own a 50% share of the newly created song, i.e., a 50% share of both the writing and pubishing royalties that may accrue during the song's lifetime.
  • There are NO restrictions on future use of the newly created song- the client may use it however they wish.
  • Crediting requirements-The client should credit the composer/s (Songbay) as a co/writer of the song where applicable on an equal 50/50 royalty share. *This is much more generous than the industry average (normally around 25/75 in favour of the composer).

Time Frame

  • We provide a service that transforms the lyric into a complete original song featuring live singer/s and musicians. We guarantee that the song will be professionally performed and recorded. It will be harmonically and rhythmically correct with no noticeable sonic or musical faults. The song will take into consideration the stylistic and genre requests of the client.
  • Upon receipt of cleared payment, we book and reserve the studio, musicians, creative team and issue a proposed start date. Depending on availability, this is usually 2-3 weeks from payment. Any later than this, we would advise and offer a full refund. Once we've made a start, the song will be fully composed, arranged and recorded within 2-4 weeks. **Our average turn around time is 10-20 working days.
  • We supply the completed song as a high quality stereo audio file, either in WAV, M4a or MP3 format. We do not provide individual stems
  • Maximum length of song = 4 minutes (the average modern commercial song is 3 to 3.5 minutes running time).
  • Maximum number of Verse and Choruses = 4 (we may also provide an additional intro, bridge, and outro where appropriate).
  • We usually send a draft song idea indicating the direction of travel within 24-48 hours of the start date. Most often, we travel in the right direction. Occasionally, however, this is not the case, or having heard the draft or completed song, the client decides that they would like to make changes: stylistic, words, instruments, melodies, harmonies, or other. In such cases, and at our artistic and songwriting discretion, we may either agree to changes, or decline them, in which case we would offer a full refund. We do not charge for any of our composing, studio or musicianship costs incurred to this point. The user is then free to use an alternative songwriting service and use their lyric elsewhere.
    We can’t be fairer than that!
    When the client has confirmed that they are happy with the proposed musical direction, we continue to final performance, recording, mixing and production.
  • You must be over 18 to use our service.


On completion, and at our artistic and songwriting discretion, we can provide additional re-workings and even complete revisions, but these naturally incur additional studio, composing and musicianship costs, and are chargeable. Where we agree to revisions, our charges are as follows:

  • Change an Instrument sound = £25
  • Change multiple instrument sounds = £50
  • Rework a verse (re-compose, re-record, mix and produce) £85
  • Rework a Bridge (re-compose, re-record, mix and produce) £85
  • Rework a Chorus (re-compose, re-record, mix and produce) £85
  • Supply a different final mix (re-mix and produce) £50
  • Additional verses and choruses or those songs exceeding 4.5 minutes duration- (please contact us to discuss).