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Prices starting from:

$22.75 for a Cover version license
Right to make and sell a cover (re-recorded) version using the lyric, at the rate of 9.1 cents per copy or download. (Minimum purchase order 250 copies)

$6 to $75 for a Standard License
Right to public performance is granted.
Right to sync with video/visual content to make a video is granted.
Right to Internet broadcast is granted.
Right of reproduction on to CD or for digital downloading up to 1000 copies is granted.

$15 to $200 for an Extended License
All rights as per a Standard Single Use License, plus these additional rights are granted:
Right of reproduction on to CD or for digital downloading up to 2000 copies is granted.
Right to reproduce on to DVD is permitted up to 1000 copies
Right to use in Radio and Television broadcasts and for Radio and Television advertising purposes is granted.

$75 to $2000 for a Copyright Purchase
This option allows you to own this Lyric outright. The entire copyright will be transferred to you and you will become the new owner. You will be able to use the lyric as you wish.
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